American-style home furniture

American-style home furniture

The design of the projects we show you here are either made by us, or our collaborators trust us to such an extent that they simply leave the projects to our care from A to Z.

Therefore, this project fully belongs to our friend and collaborator, Catalin David (Davidsign).

It all started on a Wednesday, when Catalin and the project beneficiary came to our office for a meeting and Catalin’s intention was to pitch the entire project to me.

At the end of our meeting, I told both Catalin and the project beneficiary that I would be sending them a customized furniture quote within a matter of days and left it to him to accept such offer so as to carry on with the project.

All said and done!
The next week we signed the contract and started working, and yes: the project was a success!
Here are several pictures for you to admire.

We kindly thank you for your trust, Catalin!
Customized furniture in Oradea City


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