R.G. Apartment

Custom furniture Modern apartment


So this is why your home mudroom design should not be neglected. Therefore, for this project, we highlighted the hallway by paneling the wall with veneered, lacquered and stained MDF slats. The MDF slats are attached to the wall by means of a hidden anchoring system and are smoothly highlighted by the touch sensor LED strip.

The paneling is continued by a hidden door allowing access to the additional storage space. The floating framed drawer cabinet is made of painted MDF on 45° joinery.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas (Saramob designer )


Marius Venter


The open-space concept design kitchen has become more and more popular for the past few years, due the impression of a wider space that it actually creates. Thus, the design in this kitchen is meant to provide a balance between both function and esthetics, since the kitchen is the pièce de resistance of this apartment.

The furniture and the decorative panel are made of veneered, lacquered and stained MDF, with a metal golden powder-coated insertion. The floating cabinets are provided with a lifting-style opening system while the drawers are provided with metal sides, thus ensuring easy and silent use.

In order to maintain a unitary look and a modern style, the handles have been replaced by a golden powder-coated Gola profile, while the sides of the fronts were executed so as to have a dull side facilitating the easier opening of doors.

Living room

The living room chest is made of wood-textured laminated hardboard on a black powder-coated metal frame. In order to ensure that same unitary look, the hardboard shade is similar to that of the kitchen furniture and, just like in the hallway, the material was cut as strips.


The bedroom must be  designed as a cosy space ensuring that feel-good sensation.  Since this space is intended for unwinding and good rest, we focused on a minimalist design in neutral shades.

In terms of furniture, the main element in the bedroom is the bed itself. For this project, we chose a sponge upholstered headboard in grey velvet that suggests an elegance look to the room. For the wardrobe we chose white laminated hardboard and hidden golden-painted handles all the way up the doors.


The MDF is made of a humidity and heat-resistant material and is, thus, perfect for the kitchen and bathroom furniture. So, for the storage space in the bathroom, we went for veneered MDF and matte-painted MDF on 45° joinery.

With the intention to keep the minimalist and modern style in mind, the composite material countertop is continued by the moulded basin sink that provides advantages such as: easier sanitation, basin positioning on any area of the countertop, high resistance to physical factors.

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