Black and white apartment furniture

Black and white apartment furniture

If the cooperation between the beneficiary and one of our consultants is favourable, most definitely the end result of the project is an efficient one. So was the case for this apartment decorating project. This cooperation was focused both on furniture design and interior decorating.

Teodora’s vision (a Saramob designer) perfectly integrated the beneficiary’s vision. She knew from the very beginning which direction to take for this decoration project and they decided together on the furniture items compartmentation.

Before letting you watch the end result of this project, we would like to briefly present the materials and the accessories we used for this project performance.

Since the space was not very generous in terms of size, Teodora chose to make use of every corner and thus found a useful destination for the hallway, that of a storage area. Thus, the furniture cabinets were disguised by sliding mirror doors.

For the kitchen furniture we used matte white painted MDF boards, the counter was made of Hi-macs composite material which allowed us to create unique seamless detailing for a single block appearance.

For the cabinet doors we used Blum damper hinge systems and the Push to Open system for opening. The drawers were provided with the same opening system which gave elegance and simplicity to the furniture.

As for the living area, we maintained the same modern, minimalist style and opted for simple yet impactful fixtures to decorate this area. Moving on to the bedroom! You may notice from the very beginning that the bedroom is entirely special. The bed is made of fabric upholstered PAL boards, the hidden lighting underneath the bed providing a distinctive inwardness.

For the bathroom, Teodora opted for painted MDF boards for the cabinet under the sink.
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