Classic style bathroom furniture

Classic style bathroom furniture

The most common styles in Romanian homes are classic and modern. Today we will present a classic small yet dear project of ours. It involved decorating the bathroom areas of a house, by means of customized furniture.

Generally, a classic style decoration process is more expensive, due to its rich detailing and precious materials.

Assuredly the best material for classic furniture is wood, since its nobleness and elegance are hard to match, although not impossible.

Here we can talk abut the MDF boards which can successfully replace wood due to the processing possibilities by means of ultramodern machines, to an extent that a difference between the two materials is rather indistinguishable, all the while significantly cutting back on the furniture costs.

In terms of colours, we may say that usually we use dark shades, such as wood-specific brown or red-brown, so as to confer that rather serious look, as well as the light shades, such as butter-white, cream or beige to confer a more relaxing yet classy look.

Which style is your favourite? Your feedback is welcome in the comment section below.
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