Custom furniture – Classic-style furniture – Oradea custom furniture

Classic-style interior design promises an elegant space featuring many details and a symmetrical configuration of the furniture. The center of interest of a classic-style home is the furniture, which plays an essential role in defining the style. Classic-style furniture is characterized by symmetrical shapes, curved lines, milled fronts and symmetry.

As for colors, the classic style is based on neutral shades, such as white, cream, beige and light gray tones. These colors provide a brightness effect, while the emphasis lies on textures and ornamental details.

Custom furniture manufacture – Living room furniture – Hallway furniture

For this residential project, interior designer Raluca Birta designed an elegant classic-style, featuring custom painted MDF furniture and gold accessories.

The faceted mirrors in the hallway are mounted lined up with the wall, and add a subtle play of lights and reflections. The metal-band metal leg console provides a modern and sophisticated look, harmoniously complementing the classic design of the furniture.

The living area design features a chest of drawers with a built-in fireplace, made of painted and milled MDF. It offers both practical storage space and a stylish focal point. The painted MDF shelved pieces complement the furniture, thus creating a harmonious and functional ensemble.


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Marius Venter

Kitchen furniture – Custom kitchen furniture – Custom kitchens – Kitchen corner furniture

When it comes to kitchen furniture, we provide all Saramob customers with modern and innovative solutions for a functional and aesthetic kitchen. In this project, the corner kitchen furniture is made of painted, milled MDF and accessorized with Viefe golden handles.

The L-shaped kitchen furniture ensures a generous storage space and an extended work area. To further enlarge the work surface, the furniture is complemented by a kitchen island with drawers and HI-MACS composite material countertop. A composite material kitchen countertop is easy to clean, has a smooth surface which, in case of damage, can be sanded and shaped into various shapes. An example of a thermoformed component is the composite sink that continues the line of the countertop, this being a seamless kitchen countertop.

Custom-made furniture can be customized with various accessories, from hinges to types of drawers or modern storage solutions for furniture. A type of drawer that offers both a generous storage space and a pleasant appearance, are the drawers featuring the Nova Pro Grass metal sides from Accesoria Group. These drawers for the kitchen furniture have thin sides, and yet can support considerable  weight. This double drawer with a cutlery compartment features full pull-out and damping on closing, so as to provide the most comfortable use. Other indispensable accessories in a modern kitchen are: SCOOP II cutlery holder with adjustable dividers, tray dish drainer built into the hanging cabinet, full pull-out and damping on closing Jolly pantry. The sliding door of the storage room, equipped with Magic hidden sliding system, is a practical solution to easily access supplies and utensils without taking up additional space in the kitchen.

An increasingly present  elegant element in a modern home is the glass shelves showcase. The hidden touch sensor LED strip showcase is made of painted, edge-milled MDF featuring a pattern similar to white MDF cabinet fronts.

Bedroom furniture – Customized bedroom – Dressing room furniture – Bathroom furniture

Guest bedroom furniture features a simpler design than the open-space furniture, but gold-painted metal elements and milling details make it truly special. The storage space bed features an upholstered headboard placed into a gold-painted metal frame. The white MDF nightstand features painted metal legs and a Viefe golden handle. An execution detail giving an elegant look to the nightstand is the 10/10 bevel border framing the drawer front. The centerpiece of this guest bedroom is the white-painted MDF drawer desk. The desk is made with CNC-cut sides and a powder-coated metal frame.


Children’s bedroom furniture – Youth room – Child bedroom/Nursery

Custom-made furniture for the children’s bedroom gives the opportunity to create a special space, full of personality. The youth room furniture features cheerful elements and colors that inspire creativity and joy. In this girl’s bedroom we played with the shapes and colors of custom furniture, since it is a playful and colorful design bedroom. The focal point of the room is the cabinet featuring a place for reading, made of painted MDF with green-painted HI-MACS composite material handles. The seating area is made of a moldable material and a crescent-shaped upholstered bench. The wardrobe for the youth bedroom features all necessary elements for storage and children’s activities: shelves for toys, wardrobe, damping-system drawers, drawer desk. The asymmetrical shapes and pink upholstery for the child’s bed provide a playful vibe and extra color.

The dressing room shelves are made of ABS-edge laminated PAL and are supported by a pillar fastening system – the side is narrower than the fixed shelves (this type of shelving system does not allow for adjustable shelves).

Master bedroom furniture – Black furniture – Upholstered bed

If you want to transform the master bedroom into a sophisticated and elegant space, black furniture is the perfect choice. The floor-to-ceiling headboard bed is made of velvet upholstery and painted MDF golden inserts. This black upholstered bed creates a luxurious and refined atmosphere, being the focal point in this bedroom. Also made of velvet fabric, the metal band metal foot ottoman is a perfect piece of furniture for a moment of relaxation.

A design element that keeps a unitary look throughout the entire house is the rectangular shape that can be found in several elements: bedside front milling, sandblasted mirror, bed headboard, wall decorative profile.

The luxurious atmosphere is also found in the golden and black bathroom, where the black MDF cabinet is accessorized with HI-MACS composite countertop and splash countertop. The LED-strip and rounded corners mirror creates the illusion of a larger and brighter space.

Dressing room furniture – Dressing room cabinet – Dressing room furniture – Classic furniture

The dressing room is a unique space that reflects the personality of the beneficiary through personalized furniture according to his needs. In this project we have 3 types of furniture for the dressing room, each with a different approach to design and type of furniture.

Master bedroom dressing room

This dressing room is designed to perfectly complement the elegant atmosphere of the master bedroom. The furniture is made of high-quality melamine chipboard with an elegant glossy black finish. It features spacious drawers, generous shelves and a chest of drawers with a mirror specially designed for make-up and personal care. The drawers are equipped with slides with a damping system and silent closing.

Hall dressing room – hall closet

This dressing room furniture option is ideal for organizing clothes and accessories at the entrance to the house. Made of white melamine chipboard, it features mirrored cabinets and modern gold handles from Viefe, which provide quick access to clothes and shoes. It is also equipped with shelves to allow you to optimally organize your bags and other accessories. The high-quality finish and design integrate perfectly with the home decor, adding extra order and functionality to the entrance space.

Youth dressing room – children’s room – children’s dressing room furniture

This variant of dressing room furniture is specially designed to meet the organization needs of the child’s room, being the perfect solution to arrange clothes and toys in an accessible and visible way. The shelves for the dressing room are made of melamine chipboard with ABS edge and are supported with a fastening system with uprights – the side is narrower than the fixed shelves (this type of shelf system does not allow adjustable shelves).

Regardless of the size of your house or your preferred furnishing style, Saramob design helps you transform any home into a personalized space with quality custom-made furniture.

Create the home of your dreams with Saramob design furniture!


Regardless of the location of your house, apartment or business space (restaurant, pharmacy, medical practice, bank, store), we are available for the custom furniture tailored to your needs! For a complete design and makeover, we deliver  furniture in Oradea, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Iasi, Bucharest and other cities in Romania. We specialize in custom-made furniture manufacturing: kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, black bathroom furniture, pharmacy furniture, HORECA/hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture, business spaces furniture.

Feel free to contact us, in order to find out more about our services of custom-made furniture design and custom-made furniture manufacture. We will be more than glad to discuss your project and help you make your dream come true!


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