Commercial furniture – Dental practice

Custom-made furniture – Commercial space, Oradea City

A medical practice is required to abide by all hygiene and safety specific standards while ensuring, at the same time, a level of comfort to the patients and the medical staff. We are prepared to provide modern, practical solutions for the decoration of all sanitary establishments: medical clinic, dental practice, pharmacy.

For the decoration of this dental practice we worked, once again, with Catalin David, the interior designer who contemplated a welcoming and elegant space. In order to create a refined and elegant space, he decided to panel the hallway wall with rhomb-shaped mirrors. The mirror is finished by means of the angle-grinding process, namely the edge angle cutting which is intended to confer that 3-D look. This pattern, also known as “knitted mirrors”, is made of individual pieces that are glued together by means of a special glue.

The storage cabinetry items were made of painted MDF, with golden powder-coated metal legs. The drawer front sides are milled with a raised pattern and are accessorized by Viefe golden knobs. The countertop and the moulded-in sink are made of HI-MACS composite material, a product that is certified for the medical spaces due to the high standards of hygiene that it fully meets.

Thus, due to these quality, wear-resistant, heavy-duty materials, we successfully managed to turn our designer’s vision into reality and to provide the client with a premium finished product.


Saramob Design


Catalin David (Davidsign)


Marius Venter

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