Commercial furniture – Fryday Restaurant Bucharest

Custom-made furniture – Commercial space

Commercial furniture is designed to withstand heavy duty conditions on a long-term basis. It must provide product storage or exhibition spaces, but also feature a modern design that is likely to visually please and attract the customer. The design project is always created according to the specific industry and line of business, and the client-instructed goals. For the interior design of this fast-food restaurant in particular, we worked with Ms. Corina Frastelni, architect, and the goals in place were as follows: brand visibility and providing that soothing feel of comfort to the customers. Therefore, in order to provide a relaxation feel to the customer, the dining area was equipped with a V-shaped ergonomic back couch, on a metal structure and grey textile fabric upholstery.


Saramob Design


Corina Frastelni


MOA Design

Bar area – Commercial space designing

Another major goal in terms of restaurant designing is the choice of solid fabrics and materials that must meet all required hygiene standards in the industry. With this aim in mind, the bar was made of multilayered PAL and HI-MACS composite material. The composite material is scratch and impact-resistant and its nonporous surface allows for fast sanitation. When we focus on creating commercial space furniture, our design must incorporate the brand logo and also include a lighting system to highlight the products on display. For this project, we placed a LED strip under the HI-MACS countertop, in order to single out the product service area. The bar lower side plinth is made of aluminum, which presents high durability, is 100% recyclable and requires minimum maintenance.

Self-service area – Custom-made furniture manufacture

This area is highlighted by the LED strip showcase which is purely decorative. On the wall there is a multilayered, wood-textured PAL material paneling while the frames of the showcase are made of hard wood.  This wood texture brings warmth to the space and balances the  red-coated MDF paneling accents. Red, a bold and strong colour, is actually one of the impactful colours in the visual spectrum.  It is the colour that invokes energy and raises the appetite, which makes it the ideal chromatic choice for kitchens and restaurants. The design of this commercial space perfectly emphasizes the value of the company image and provides the customers with a laid-back, modern space in which they can enjoy the Fryday products.

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