Commercial furniture – Noodle Pack, Vivo, Cluj-Napoca

Noodle Pack Commercial furniture

Going for a modern, stand-out design when it comes to commercial spaces, has increasingly become a more and more relevant element in the HORECA industry, since it is regarded as a way to attract customers. Although clients need quality products and services first of all, most of them are also attracted by the space design, the ambient inside and the comfort of the restaurant, the coffee shop, the store, etc.


HORECA commercial space design – Custom-made furniture

For this fast-food restaurant, Ms. Corina Frastelni, the architect on the project, successfully managed to blend both the esthetic side and the practical aspect, by going for heavy-duty resilient materials, which allow for easy sanitation.


Eating area

The table and bar countertop is made of veneered MDF which is less costly than solid wood, but which is highly resistant to humidity and heat. The finish on this material is made by means of plywood, which is a thin wood board providing a classic, elegant look to the furniture.

The accent wall brings in colour and dimension to the design, since it features that slight retro influence due to the use of geometrical shapes. The yellow-painted MDF boards, which were milled and cut in the shape of a rhomb, create an accent wall that clearly removes any trace of monotony from the design. The paneling is provided with a veneered MDF underlayer, that is lighted by means of a LED strip providing that 3D effect, due to the rectangular plates coming in various colours and thickness.


Bar area

The same rectangular veneered MDF pattern is found in the lower side of the work station, and it is combined with a white HI-MACS composite material. The bar round front is continued by the work countertop which is also made of HI-MACS, thus allowing for seamless joints due to its thermoforming properties.

Thus, we are able to present to you this commercial space that stands out and becomes noticeable due to the modern design concept, a design that is supported by premium furniture items to perfectly integrate the beneficiary’s needs.


Saramob Design


Corina Frastelni


Marius Venter


MOA Design

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