Commercial furniture – PlusFarma Pharmacy in Oradea City

Our latest Saramob-brand commercial project is the PlusFarma Pharmacy in Oradea City, which was successfully carried by our team, from design to furniture manufacture, assembling and mounting. A luminous space with a welcoming vibe, provided with everything a pharmacy requires in order to optimally operate.

Custom-made furniture – Pharmacy furniture

Innovative design. Pleasant atmosphere. Modern solutions

 Our goal is to create unique projects for each client in particular, all the while considering the space-specific particularities. Each pharmacy that Saramob creates is the result of an innovative design showing brand personality. It is our belief that a commercial space exhibiting functional premises and a welcoming atmosphere is a symbol of professionalism and is clearly helping get more clients. Due to our using the 3-D design software, we are able to fully maximize the space regardless of the area thereof.

Thus, for this pharmacy which owns a limited space, our Saramob designer, Nicolae Mateas, went for neutral, natural shades so as to visually enlarge the available space. The combination of white furniture and wood-fiber provides the space with a warm and welcoming vibe. The pharmacy got a modern look by our incorporating the wood-textured laminate PAL decorative slatted wall into the design.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas


Marius Venter

Custom-made furniture manufacturing

Functionality. Durability. Hygiene standards

Besides the esthetic aspects, we are focused on a functional and ergonomic space. In terms of functional design, the furniture must be rather practical, easy to use and maintain for the targeted line of business. In order to get such results, we use high-end materials and mechanisms that ensure an optimum operation of the business activities.

For the counter we used wood-textured laminate PAL and HI-MACS composite material. This composite material and the plexiglass panel ensure the highest standards in terms of hygiene, so as to protect the health of the employees and of the clients. The lower-edge plinth of the counter is made of 100% recyclable aluminum as a higher durability material, which requires minimum maintenance.

Ergonomics. Product display. Efficient organizing

On the other hand, when it comes to ergonomics, we refer to a space that must be organized so as to facilitate the activity of the employee while performing their job. Thus, the drawers provide generous storage space while the metal handle in place provides easy and quick use. The drawer front side mobile letters labelling allows for the fast identification of the drawer’s content, which basically leads to pharmacist’s activity efficiency.

The shelving area intended for product display is designed so as to meet several requirements: easy handling of the products by the employees, product placement within the client’s visual range, additional storage space. Thus, the shelves that are mounted on the metal brackets, are placed on a laminate PAL milled track, this concept allowing for the use of longer shelves, as compared to a support sides locker.

Solutions for advertising and product display. Secured storefronts

When considering commercial furniture, another aim that we must take into account is the creation of certain areas for advertising and publicity. Therefore, on the counter monitors have been placed on a metal cylinder-shaped support and LED lightboxes on the upper side of the secured storefront and the shelving area.

The Vitris brand secured glass case from Accesoria Group, is provided with an anti-theft lock and is equipped with a door adjustable damper sliding system that prevents the door from going off track. For the glass case inside lighting, a special space was milled for the LED stripe all along the entire locker height.

Pharmacy furniture – Custom-made furniture-PlusFarma Oradea

The design of this commercial space perfectly highlights the company image and provides the clients with a welcoming and modern space. The clients’ experience in this location will definitely make them return for the services of this pharmacy unit. Once all aforementioned aims have been met, we can undoubtedly state that this project falls within the premium commercial space category.

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