Commercial space – Margot Eyewear store

Margot Eyewear store –  a new business project that was entirely completed by our design and furniture manufacture team, up to assembly and mounting. The commercial space intended furniture is designed so as to withstand the stress of heavy-duty conditions, for a very long time. A functional interior and a pleasant atmosphere space will always show professionalism and contribute to the increase of client portfolio.

Custom-made furniture manufacture – Medical Optics Practice

While using 3D design tools, our Saramob architect– Alessandra Di Marzo – perfectly managed to fully use the small-sized space which is the place of business of the Margot Eyewear store. But, the design solutions and the materials and fabric selection turned this place into a positive business experience for the employees and clients alike.

Business place design solutions. Custom-made furniture. Medical practice furniture style

When it comes to business spaces, the aim is to create a unique project for each client and this by fully considering all room-specific particularities. Chromatic selection, glass showcase and mirrors, they all provide a visually enlarged and airy space. Choosing easy to sanitize materials is also another important aspect in terms of medical practices. The HI-MACS composite material is our first choice  when it comes to countertops of other thermoformed components. In this practice, the counter is made of HI-MACS while the drawer-furniture cabinetry is made of laminated PAL. Some of the composite material advantages are:  scratch–resistance, large colour range, fast cleaning. Nevertheless, due to these elements, a medical practice  may emanate a cold, sterile vibe. So, in order to “warm up” the atmosphere a little bit, we went for laminated wood-textured PAL slatted style walls.

Effective organizing. Product display solutions. Functional business place.

Besides the esthetics aspects to be considered, the furniture meets the product storage and display requirements and needs.  The drawers provide a generous storage space for the eyewear products, which you can easily use due to the handle.  The product display area is made by using the Accesoria Group Vitris secured showcase. The showcase is equipped with tamper-proof lock and  glass door sliding system on adjustable bumper that prevents the door from sliding off the rail.




Alessandra Di Marzo


Marius Venter

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