Cosy family home

This was, yet again, a beautiful cooperation with designer Catalin David, which resulted in this welcoming and comfortable home, for which we have used the highest quality materials and accessories available.

Living room & mudroom

Lately, the interior designers have been intensely using decorative slatted walls when it comes to indoor decoration, since they bring in that extra personality feel and a modern look. In order to create a warm and welcoming vibe in this open-space area, designer Catalin David went for veneered MDF slatted panelling for both the TV wall and the wall that separates the living room from the mudroom.

Thus, the slatted wall separating the living room from the mudroom is continued by a shelfed cabinet and a L-shaped storage space that was made of veneered, stained MDF.  In order to visually enlarge the mudroom narrower space, the mirror was glued directly to the wall, while the white-painted MDF entrance door is provided with glass insertions.


Saramob Design


Catalin David (Davidsign)


Marius Venter


This white-painted MDF modern style kitchen suggests a fresh vibe and perfectly blends with the living room, due to the veneered MDF furniture items that were added here. In order to maintain an elegant, neat look, the wood fibre is carried on horizontally, while the MDF panels joining is made on a 45° angle.

The countertop and the moulded-in sink are made of HI-MACS composite that ensures the highest standards of hygiene and durability. The 4-seat kitchen table is created as a continuation to the drawer cabinet, while the Hi-MCAS composite countertop is sustained by a powder-coated metal structure.


The neutral colours bedroom gives you that feeling of restfulness and warmth at the same time, due to the wood texture that creates depth and is visually appealing.

In the first bedroom, the headboard is made of veneered MDF while the frame is continued by the floating nightstands, both made of white-painted MDF. The white-front and plywood accents wardrobe covers the entire hight and width of the wall, so as to provide as much storage as possible and also a TV area.

The wardrobe in the second bedroom maintains that same chromatic palette and the same textures; it is provided with a hidden sliding and dampener system. The makeup area is created on a veneered MDF slatted wall and for the floating console we used painted MDF.


For the two bathrooms we also went for veneered MDF and white-painted MDF, while the moulded-in sink on powder-coated black metal stand is made of HI-MACS composite material.

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