Residential furniture – BLACK FOREST APARTMENT

Custom-made furniture – Black forest Apartment

A black furniture decorated home might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the glowing and clean atmosphere of a modern home design. The dark shades add extra elegance and mystery and are the perfect choice for a “masculine” general vibe. This 3-room apartment was decorated in cooperation with designer Florina Szabo at Stephan Eyck, and beautifully combines functionality with esthetics and provides the comfort of a modern home. When using the right textures, fabrics and materials, the dark shades apartment will turn into a welcoming and comfortable place. Associating black wood furniture and green velvet will definitely add extra warmth to the place.

Mudroom and living room furniture – Bedroom furniture

The open-space living room is the area we relax in after a long day and the place for friendly gatherings.  This area allowed the designer to joggle with various textures and colours. The black furniture is emphasized by the grey wood flooring and the wood-textured paneling.

The furniture is made of laminated wood-texture PAL and black-coated PAL. The slatting is a common element that one may see both in the living room and the bedroom. It is intended to serve multiple purposes:  in the living room area the slatting will separate the mudroom from the kitchen, while in the bedroom it will play a purely decorative role. Another common element is the wood-texture PAL paneling that becomes the accent point for both the living room and the bedroom. The bedroom invites a sleepy mood through the diffusing light atmosphere reflecting in the paneling behind the dark green velvet upholstered  bed. Due to the wood-texture PAL paneling and the mirror, the bedroom turns into a rather welcoming and more luminous space.




Florina Szabo-STEPHAN EYCK


Marius Venter

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