Commercial Furniture – BEBE TEI STORE

Commercial furniture – BEBE TEI Store – Custom-made furniture

The new Bebe Tei store, located in Bucuresti Mall -Vitan, spreads over more than 1700 square meters and provides the clients with a wide range of products exceeding 80 000 items.

A commercial space remodeling design is created depending on the line of business, but also on the goals of the company in question. Some of these goals may be: products display, brand visibility or providing clients with a cozy feel.

Commercial furniture – HORECA/hospitality furniture – Bucharest Store

The goal of our architect, Corina Frastelni, was to design a unique project for this client, considering space particularities. The wood-fiber combination white furniture provides the space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For the area displaying the products for the children,  the architect intended to insert joyful, colorful elements that create the impression of a child’s room. The paint-coated MDF decoration elements add color and truly single out this project.

Besides the esthetically pleasing aspects, the furniture in the Bebe Tei store fully meets our aims, such as: easy handling of products by the employees, product placement within client’s visual range, additional storage space. The shelfing provides a generous space in terms of product storage while the advertising light boxes provide brand visibility. The racks are mounted by means of metal consoles allowing higher weight shelf loading.

In the DERMA CENTER area, the arch is made of 3 layers: two layers are grey-coated and one interior strip that is covered by a wood-textured HPL plate. These strips are made of moldable material allowing for pattern curving.


Regardless of the location of your house, apartment or business space (restaurant, pharmacy, medical practice, bank, store), we are available for the custom furniture tailored to your needs! For a complete design and makeover, we deliver  furniture in Oradea, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Iasi, Bucharest and other cities in Romania. We specialize in custom-made furniture manufacturing: kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, black bathroom furniture, pharmacy furniture, HORECA/hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture, business spaces furniture.

Feel free to contact us, in order to find out more about our services of custom-made furniture design and custom-made furniture manufacture. We will be more than glad to discuss your project and help you make your dream come true!




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