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Custom-made furniture. Open-space area. Kitchen and living room

Kitchen furniture – Kitchen custom-made furniture

Whether we talk about a small-sized apartment or a spacious house, the custom-made residential furniture is designed so as to perfectly fit your place.  From the very entrance to the kitchen, the living room area, the bedroom, the bathroom or the walk-in closet, the furniture is customized strictly depending on the intended use of the room and the activities envisaged for said space.  Our latest project was a one-level house for a family of three. The owners wished for a currently trending design, with a spacious living room area and modern style furniture.

Although the chromatic trends tend to change on a yearly basis, there are still certain combinations that will never become obsolete. An association of this kind is combining white furniture with wood veneer elements.  White is a versatile colour and shows clear compatibility to any furniture item, while the veneer adds warmth to the design.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae


Marius Venter

The coated-MDF and veneered-MDF furniture is successfully replenished with the HI-MACS composite material work countertop. Due to this material, the countertop seems seamless and smoothly goes on with the embedded sink and covers also the window sill so as to provide that unitary and clean look.

The sliding pantry allows for the individual opening of the drawer and fast access to the products.  It also ensures organized storage and accessibility in the kitchen, adding increased use ease due to the soft close Blumotion system.  Since they can be fully pulled out, the drawers are easily reachable from three sides and can bear up to 30 kg loads.

Mudroom furniture – Living room furniture

When there is an open-space type mudroom opening towards the dining room, we must include common design elements so as to provide a unitary look to the place.  Thus, we will use the same materials and the same shades while considering the space and the area-relevant furniture items.

Regardless of the design style,  the mudroom must provide: a space for clothes (rack, wardrobe), storage space for footwear, mirror and bench. Thus for this project we created a furniture item that includes all 4 mudroom-specific elements.  Since the clothes and the footwear are not stored in sight, our space will be organized and welcoming.

A modern living room is organized in a space that must be as large as possible, with a generous couch to accommodate the entire family, and a TV stand.  The accent area is the TV wall, around which we may use various furniture items.  In this project, the slatting and the stand that are asymmetrically mounted create this beautiful geometrical ensemble providing small storage spaces as well.  The LED strip that is mounted behind the white-coated MDF slatting adds luminosity, while the wood-veneered coated MDF combination gives a modern but cozy feeling.


Custom-made furniture manufacture – Furniture in Oradea City – Bedroom furniture

The master matrimonial bedroom grey and pink design also features a walk-in closet, that is covered by a milled MDF white door.  The distinctive element is the sliding system that creates the illusion of a floating door. The Accesoria Group Magic invisible sliding system is the actual modern solution to satisfy the highest requirements in terms of design and functionality. The bumper sliding system does not require inner rail due to the fact that the rolls are placed on the wall, while the rail is mounted on the door.  The grey-coated MDF slatting and nightstand milling details add elegance to the bedroom and perfectly integrate the TV in the room overall design. The grey and green shades bedroom is designed to show a desktop area for the child.  The metal golden insertions  and the wood-texture PAL items provide a feel of warmth and make the space all the more welcoming.

Office furniture – Bathroom furniture – Custom-made furniture manufacture

The white and wood-texture combination is also present both in the bathroom and the study. The difference lies in the fact that the wood-texture element in the bathroom is actually the tile. The minimalist furniture items in the bathroom are made of white-coated MDF.  Besides providing storage space, it is also intended to hide the washing machine /dryer.  The desk and the storage space are made of  laminated wood-textured PAL and the black metal stand is powder-coated.

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