R.P. Apartment

Custom-made furniture Modern apartment

Kitchen furniture

Mateas Nicolae, our Saramob designer, chose to combine two types of materials for this kitchen and the outcome truly met our expectations.

The matte black painted MDF is “softened” by the warmth of the wood-texture hardboard sheets. The countertop is made of HI-MACS composite material in WHITE so as to maintain that modern trend, and the thickness was set at 12 mm. Nicolae chose to go with the same material for the table top as well, while highlighting the table legs that were made of black powder-coated metal structure.
In the kitchen area he went for the profile-type hidden handles, for which we chose black matte powder coating.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas (designer Saramob)


Marius Venter

Hallway furniture

Since the kitchen was designed as an open-space concept in combination with the living area, the shades in here were also kept for the hallway furniture; basically, we went for the same black finish MDF and wood-textured laminated hardboard.

In order to hide the air conditioning unit, but all the while maintain its functionality, our colleague designer Nicolae chose to integrate the matte black powder coating wire mesh. The mirror angle-cut design brings in that touch of elegance to the entire concept.

Bedroom furniture

For the bedroom furniture we maintained the same shade combinations, but this time with a touch of colour. The nightstands are made of orange powder-coated MDF on a 45° joinery detail while the legs are made of a black powder-coated metal structure.

The bed headboard goes all the way up and is provided with a LED-type lighting detail. Since we decided on the upholstered style, the headboard perfectly fits the wood-textured framing that was made of laminate hardboard.

The mirrored sliding doors wardrobe is smoothly framed in the wall niche. The sliding rail and the door handles are also in the shade of black, thus adequately blending with the rest of the décor in the room.

The vanity was obviously a must here, and it was made of painted MDF, being full of details. The wall framing impeccably integrates the sandblasted mirror and compliments the opposite bed wall.

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