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We are delighted to show you the design of a 3-bedroom apartment located in a residential complex in Oradea City. The kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture was designed and manufactured with the clear intent to provide the owners with a functional, yet harmonious interior design.

The open-space area reunites several spaces that are technically stand-alone.  An open space turns into the focal point of a home and operates 3 main functions: kitchen, dining area and living room. Due to the compact furniture style that was created according to the size of the available space, this area is now a perfect place for unwinding and socializing. The kitchen custom-made furniture was designed so as to provide generous storage and esthetically integrate the household appliances.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas


Marius Venter

Kitchen furniture – Custom-made kitchen  furniture – Custom kitchens

Our interior designer, Nicolae Mateas, chose slatted white-coated MDF for the kitchen furniture  and, instead of handles, a Gola profile that was painted in gold just like the lower plinth of the furniture. In order to gain storage, we designed the kitchen furniture up to the ceiling, since this is a two-row upper cabinets kitchen furniture style. The in-built household appliances and the countertop-inserted socket provide a modern, harmonious look perfectly becoming a modern kitchen furniture.

The piece turning the kitchen into a socializing place is the island that was made of painted MDF, featuring a HI-MACS composite material countertop. The island is continued by a table that was placed on a golden-coated metal structure stand, adding a modern, sophisticated vibe to the room. This combination of contrasting colors and elegant finishes definitely adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the kitchen.

The living room was designed so as to become an oasis of unwinding and coziness for the entire family. The living room furniture was designed in tone with the kitchen furniture and perfectly integrates  similar design elements, so as to create a unitary look for the entire home. Thus, this room features a slatted, painted MDF floating TV-stand and a gold-insertions white MDF wall-slatting.

The bedroom is supposed to be cozy and relaxing first of all – the indirect lighting amplifies these sensations. The to-the-ceiling upholstered headboard bed that is provided with a mirror, brings in an elegant feel and visually enlarges the bedroom. The slatted black MDF night stands are made of golden-painted MDF on the upper side featuring golden-metal legs.

For this project, the refined lighting combo, the color and material/fabric combinations turn the bedroom into an optimum rest and relaxation area.


Regardless of the location of your house, apartment or business space (restaurant, pharmacy, medical practice, bank, store), we are available for the custom furniture tailored to your needs! For a complete design and makeover, we deliver  furniture in Oradea, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Iasi, Bucharest and other cities in Romania. We specialize in custom-made furniture manufacturing: kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, black bathroom furniture, pharmacy furniture, HORECA/hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture, business spaces furniture.

Feel free to contact us, in order to find out more about our services of custom-made furniture design and custom-made furniture manufacture. We will be more than glad to discuss your project and help you make your dream come true!


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