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House furniture – Kitchen and living room

Nowadays, the kitchen is provided with more and more varied functions. The kitchen is a space for cooking and at the same time, a space for social encounters with our family members.  Thus, our current design projects turn out to be more and more complex and bring in forward premium house furniture items and smart compartmenting. For this project, our Saramob designer, Ms. Teodora Nicolae, designed modern and ergonomic furniture items that are perfectly adjusted to our client’s needs and requirements.

Furniture manufacturer – Kitchen furniture

Firstly for the furniture fronts, the designer went for white-painted milled MDF, Viefe black handles and Blum hinges. The Egger brand countertop and backsplash are made of compact laminate (Tessina Terra ceramics) and are provided with a 1×1 mm bevel that accentuates this modern look. This is the ideal material for a kitchen, due to its waterproof feature and the fact that it facilitates easy sanitation.

As the focal point of the room, the island is intended for eating. But at the same time, provides extra storage space due to the soft-close Nova Pro drawers that are provided with a metal side ensuring silent and synchronized gliding.

The countertop is made of HI-MACS composite material, a homogenous material that allows for one-piece processing with a seamless appearance. The island is also provided with an element that is more and more present in contemporary kitchens, namely the built-in wine cooler that keeps the beverages in a controlled environment from the temperature and humidity perspective.

The second essential space for a home is the living room, which is actually the main socializing and unwinding area. The design in this room smoothly blends the textures, the light and the colours, so as to obtain a comfortable, welcoming space. Designer Teodora Nicolae created an accent wall and she went for a slatted-wall pattern, milled, white-painted MDF. The front of the floating night stand is made of veneered MDF, while the top side is made of painted MDF.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae


Marius Venter

Custom-made furniture – Bathroom

The modern bathroom is a space that combines both the functional and esthetic needs, due to simple yet highly qualitative finishes. The LED strip round mirror creates the illusion of a larger space and provides an optimum lighting level. The storage area is made of painted MDF and veneered MDF, while the countertop of the sink vanity is made of HI-MACS composite material. While the shower glass panel is fixed on a black powder-coated metal frame.

Our entire Saramob team effort guaranteed the successful completion of this design project, which turned out to be perfectly adjusted to our client’s needs and truly met the highest standards in terms of quality.

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