Kindergarten Furniture – Sanmartin Kindergarten

Within this project, we had the privilege of contributing to the creation of a happy and efficient environment for the kids in this community, offering them a kindergarten full of color and creativity. The kindergarten has four group rooms, each equipped with video projectors, interactive whiteboards and sound systems for a modern and exciting learning environment. In addition, the building is equipped with a multifunctional room, in which we created a set of games for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory and learning stimulation. The MDF panels are milled with places for throwing the balls at the target and with maze-type routes to move the pawns of different colors.

Saramob Design & Furniture – Custom Furniture Manufacturer

The custom-made furniture for this kindergarten is a true tribute to children’s imagination. With models inspired by Lego and puzzles, we transformed the group rooms into spaces full of joy and learning opportunities. Each piece of custom furniture was designed with attention to details, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

The materials used for the furniture include painted and milled MDF for the fronts with puzzle shapes, Lego and Tetris. The children’s bed was integrated in the form of drawers in the furniture, thus offering an efficient way to save space. Children’s desks have an irregular shape and can be arranged in various ways, thus stimulating creativity and adaptability in the learning process.

The hallways were not forgotten in this project either, being decorated with drawings and trees made of melamine chipboard. The lower part of the wall is covered with melamine chipboard to ensure a more hygienic space, but it was integrated into the game world by integrating a track for cars in the upper part.

At Saramob Design, we believe that furniture can significantly influence children’s learning environment, and we are dedicated to offer the highest quality products to turn every dream into reality.




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