S.G. Apartment

Custom furniture Modern apartment

This is our latest project and it was executed by Nicolae Mateaș, Saramob designer, who perfectly made the most of every area in this apartment, in order to create a functional, yet comfortable place for the client to live in.

Hallway / Living room

The slatted wall is an ensemble of parallel wooden or composite material slats, and is intended to serve either as a decorative element, or to hide a certain area.

Thus, for the paneling of this wall, we used 18 mm wooden-texture laminated hardboard slats. In order to highlight the slatted wall, we inserted a LED strip that may be turned on by the use of a touch sensor. The floating cabinet is made of textured laminated hardboard on a 45° angle joinery and Viefe pull handle. Since our intention was to create the illusion of a wider and brighter space, the hallway storage space was mirror-paneled, while the seating area was upholstered with velvet stripes all the way up.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas (designer Saramob)


Marius Venter


For the kitchen area, the Saramob designer smoothly combined urban elements with nature elements so as to obtain a space that brings you closer to nature, but which becomes practical and modern at the same time.

The kitchen furniture elements are perfectly shaped around the 16 mm MDF frame, which comes as an extension to the countertop. The floating shelving is made of wood-textured laminated hardboard. The fronts are made of concrete-textured laminated hardboard and are provided with a Viefe pull handle, while the drawers are provided with a damping system and metal sides.

The lichen and LED strip decorative panel is made of wood-textured laminated hardboard and 18 mm slats.


Our intention to visually enlarge the space was also maintained for the bedroom, which is why we placed a smoked-glass mirror on the bedroom wall behind the floating nightstands. The velvet strip upholstered bed is provided with a lifting system mattress which offers extra storage.

The textured laminated hardboard wardrobe is provided with dumping system hinges and concealed handles throughout the door height.


The bathroom furniture  is made of painted MDF and veneered, lacquered, stained MDF and the materials in use are highly resistant to humidity and heat. For the storage area we used a tip-on opening system, while for the sink cabinet we used a pull handle and 40 mm painted MDF countertop on 45° joinery.

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