Residential furniture – MODERN GLAM APARTMENT

The living spaces become more and more narrow and this means using the rooms in the house in a creative and resourceful manner. The open-space area perfectly integrates technically individual spaces in one place. The open space becomes the central point of the house and has 3 essential functions:  kitchen, dining area and living room.


The kitchen has, itself, more and more varied functions since it is the place for cooking, dining and, at the same time, a space to socialize for the family members. The element turning the kitchen into a socializing set is the island, that we made from coated MDF and HI-MACS countertop.  This island is meant to provide storage space and is an additional space for preparing and serving meals. Our own Saramob designer, Teodora Nicolae,  went for coated and slatted MDF for the fronts, while the countertop, the backsplash and the sink were made of HI-MACS composite material.

Due to the modern design of a classic element, the showcase seems to be more and more present in the current furniture ensemble. This modern reinterpretation becomes the visual focal point due to the combination of smoked glass with a SAS metal framing and the discretely diffused light of the LED strip.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae


Marius Venter


A uniform modern design concept is relatively rather easy to implement. Nevertheless, obtaining esthetically pleasing furniture items by combining various materials and fabrics is actually the secret to a special home.

The white-coated MDF paneling is combined with a sheet of veneered MDF in order to provide extra warmth to the decoration. Further, the oblique placement of the veneer fibre creates an elegant geometrical play singling out the dining area.

The dining table can be made in various shapes and patterns. When choosing the table type, we must consider the size of the available space and the numbers of persons we intend to seat.  Most of the times, the clients prefer the rectangular 6-seat table due to its being versatile and practical.  For this project, the table was made of coated MDF and provided with a HI-MACS composite material countertop and golden coated metal frame.

The combination of several materials is also available in the mudroom furniture items, where the coated MDF chest of drawers, with slatting-type milling details, is supported by a golden coated metal frame.  This combo of materials  gives personality to the place and clearly makes the difference between your place and other residential spaces.


First and foremost the bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing – direct lighting will amplify these sensations. For this project, the refined light play, the colours and materials combo will turn the bedroom into the optimum rest and chillout place.

In order to maintain the unitary look, the paneling behind the upholstered bed is made of the same type of material as in the living room. The wardrobe and the chest of drawers are made of coated MDF and milled with the same slatted-pattern, while the handles are painted in gold. In order to gain additional storage space, we created a small walk-in closet area for which we used glass and black metal framing.  The laminated wood-texture PAL furniture for the walk-in closet provides a well-organized space for clothing, featuring drawers, shelfing and hanger place.

In order to create a modern bathroom, we perfectly combined the functional and the esthetically pleasing part by means of a simple designing and quality finishes. The hidden drain basin is made of HI-MACS, which is a thermoforming material ensuring the highest standards in terms of hygiene and cleanness.

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