Your dream, our successful project – PlusFarma Pharmacy

The newest pharmacy with laboratory in Oradea City- PlusFarma- was designed by our design and furniture manufacture team up to assembly and mounting. A bright space, featuring a warm atmosphere providing all facilities  required to carry out the activities of a pharmacy with laboratory. Our goal is to create a unique project for each client in particular, taking into account the particularities of the space. Thus, each pharmacy designed by Saramob features an innovative design highlighting the personality of the brand.

The pharmacy-intended furniture design and manufacture must consider certain criteria specific to the pharmaceutical commercial activity: functionality, ergonomics, efficient display and storage of products, use of materials that comply with the legislative norms in terms of pharmaceutical furniture.

Pharmacy furniture – Custom furniture manufacture

The pharmacy furniture is made for the 3 main areas: pharmacy dispensary, laboratory and storage room. Since it is intended for product displaying and selling, the pharmacy dispensary area is equipped with a pharmacy counter, pharmacy gondola, drawer cabinets, shelves, etc.

Pharmacy furniture – Pharmacy dispensary furniture

Thus, for the display of products in this pharmacy, we have the shelving furniture pieces that are  designed to meet several objectives: easy handling of products by employees, placement of products within the client’s visual area, additional storage space. The shelves mounted on metal brackets are fixed on a rail that was milled in the laminated PAL board, such concept allowing for the use of longer shelves than in the case of a cabinet with supporting sides.

The furniture used for the sale of the products is the counter, and it made of wood-textured laminated PAL and HI-MACS composite material. The composite material ensures the highest hygiene standards so as to protect the health of employees and customers. The counter bottom plinth is made of aluminum, a highly durable, 100% recyclable material requiring minimal maintenance.




Nicolae Mateas


Marius Venter

A special category of furniture is the showcase, with double functionality: product promotion by means of light boxes and products display and storage. The Vitris tempered showcase from Accesoria Group is equipped with anti-theft lock and has a glass door sliding system with adjustable shock absorber preventing their derail. In order to light the interior of the showcase, a special space was milled all along the cabinet height for the LED strip.

Pharmacy furniture – Laboratory furniture

The laboratory is the space where pharmaceutical recipes are prepared, and at the same time, chemical reagents are stored. Due to the fact that a constant temperature must be maintained in this space, building a glass wall was an absolute must. Metal and glass partitions are the modern solution for separating two spaces. Thus, we obtained a delimitation between the laboratory and the pharmacy, featuring a natural light effect and a visually open space.

The furniture must meet the same requirements that are specific to laboratory furniture: easy cleaning, one-piece joints not allowing dirt accumulation, increased mechanical and chemical resistance, etc. The shelving and drawer furniture piece was created so as to easily store and handle reagent containers. Thus, the full pull-out drawers are simply ideal when it comes to viewing the entire content.


Regardless of the location of your house, apartment or business space (restaurant, pharmacy, medical practice, bank, store), we are available for the custom furniture tailored to your needs! For a complete design and makeover, we deliver  furniture in Oradea, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Iasi, Bucharest and other cities in Romania. We specialize in custom-made furniture manufacturing: kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, black bathroom furniture, pharmacy furniture, HORECA/hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture, business spaces furniture.

Feel free to contact us, in order to find out more about our services of custom-made furniture design and custom-made furniture manufacture. We will be more than glad to discuss your project and help you make your dream come true!

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