Residential furniture – GLOW IN THE DARK APARTMENT

Residential furniture – Custom-made black furniture

For this residential project, designer Andreea Iancu tried to find a perfect balance between functionality and esthetics. The 3-room apartment in this residential apartment complex in Oradea has a well-shaped design and straight angle furniture.

The dark shades chromatic palette compliments the apartment with a masculine and elegant vibe.  Associating black furniture to wood provides the space with extra warmth. Thus, the combo of dark shades and wood textures will turn this apartment into a welcoming and comfy space.

Custom-made furniture manufacture. Kitchen furniture.  Living room furniture. Bathroom furniture.

For the kitchen furniture we used coated MDF and laminated wood-texture PAL.  The MDF sheets come in glossy, matte or textured versions. This material is easy to maintain and, should the surface be damaged, it may be repainted.

The bathroom furniture is made of veneered MDF, which is a material that withstands the test of time in heat and humidity conditions. The finish is made by veneers, which is a wood thin sheet (1 mm)  to be glued on and, in the end,  it may also be varnished or stained. Thus, we can get a classic, elegant look mimicking wood fibre.

The bedroom is the most singled out room due to the slatting that perfectly frames the bed. Slatting refers to an ensemble of parallel wood strips or composite material to be used as decoration element or to camouflage a certain area.  Thus, for the L-slatting we used 18mm laminated wood-texture PAL strips.  In order to single out the slatting, we inserted a LED strip light that is turned on by means of a touch sensor.

Another special element in this bedroom is the glass-door walk-in closet.  Besides the storage role, it is also intended as an esthetic element adding extra glam.




Andreea Iancu


Andreea Iancu

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