Residential furniture – WARM BROWN APARTMENT

Residential furniture – Warm brown apartment

The warm brown shades perfectly fit every room in here and are the chromatic option providing visual comfort, natural vibes and a feel of stability. Depending on the chosen color palette, we are able to create a unique, welcoming space in which one may become reenergized at the end of a long day. For this project, the white and brown combo provides a breathable, quiet look and creates the illusion of a more spacious room.

Kitchen and living room – custom-made furniture

In order to get that unitary look and an esthetically pleasing harmonious design, the furniture from both the kitchen and the living room area was made of veneered MDF and white-coated MDF. The central area of the kitchen furniture that is provided with white floating cabinets and LED stripes, creates that sensation of a more spacious area, all the while providing additional storage.

The refrigerator and the washing machine are built-in, and the front side is provided on the upper section with a ventilation area for the oven and the fridge. The countertop is made of white HI-MACS composite material, which is the modern, easy to maintain choice.

The separation between the kitchen and the living room area is provided by the veneered MDF-plated support pole which is continued by a console standing on a glass leg. In the living room, the minimalist-style furniture provides storage and also a shelving area, for that modern, breathable feel.

Bedroom furniture – furniture manufacturer

In the bedroom, the dressing area is designed as a white-coated MDF wardrobe and a mirror-plated wall which is intended to visually enlarge the space. The veneered MDF plated  TV area is also provided with a mirror-vanity and a drawer console, intended for makeup products storage.




Marius Venter

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