Residential furniture – DARK GREY APARTMENT

Furniture manufacture – Custom-made furniture

When thinking neutrals, grey shades seem to be more and more trending in terms of interior design.  Grey and white combos provide that sophisticated versatile image and are perfect for any type of room.  In an all-white space the grey shades will add depth and even a soothing, refreshing feel. Grey-coloured furniture seems to be more and more the choice at hand  for residential interior design.  In this 2-bedroom apartment there is a balance between the luminosity that is added by white and the depth of the grey shades.  We tried to find this perfect balance between functionality and esthetics, and the result was this modern, bright space.

Living room and kitchen furniture – Grey furniture –  Open-space area

The TV set area in the living room is the perfect example for the depth effect that is added by the dark grey shade basically fusing the TV set into the design. The white frame of the ensemble is designed as an additional storage space and is made of painted PAL. The mirror paneling reflects light and is a very good way to visually enlarge the space.

The delimitation between the living room and the kitchen is made by using a decorative panel that was indented so as to allow for the natural light to penetrate the kitchen.  The coated PAL kitchen furniture is equipped with all fundamental elements of a functional kitchen:  dish drainer, utensil and cutlery organizer, Jolly basket, integrated fridge. The jolly basket is a good solution for narrow spaces and is intended to store tall containers. The opening system is of a full extraction type, while the bumper slide provides silent use. The grey furniture in the kitchen balances the space by creating another contrast area.

Custom-made furniture – Bedroom furniture

The bedroom furniture also follows the simple line, grey and white shades combo trend. The grey-coated MDF slatting perfectly combines the upholstered bed with the textile fabric. The paneling the TV set is placed on brings in luminosity to the space, all the while adding elegance to it.




Marius Venter

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