Residential furniture – GOLD LIGHTS APARTMENT

When it comes to elegant, sophisticated vibe interior designs, the contemporary style is the perfect go-to option. This 3-room apartment in a residential complex from Oradea City accurately meets the owner’s needs and taste and was turned into a refined, yet comfortable space.

The mudroom separates the apartment into a daytime area and a nighttime area. This separation is the perfect choice in terms of functionality and design.

Daytime area – Custom-made furniture

The daytime area including the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom is the most used space in this apartment. This is the place to relax and unwind in at the end of a long day, and the place for one’s friendly gatherings. This area allows us to combine certain textures and colors. The black furniture is combined with various golden details and accessories for an impactful end result.


Once you enter this apartment, you will be welcomed by your own reflection in the bronze mirror that we used in order to plate the laminate PAL wardrobe front sides. The little golden detailing, such as the metal handle on the locker door, provides easy use due to the slightly tilted shape. These golden reflexes mixture creates the perfect contrast with the black-coated MDF console and hanger stand. The console is provided with a support gold-coated metal leg, and as mounting detail we used 45° joinery.

Family room & Kitchen

The living room and the kitchen are designed on the same black-gold chromatic palette, in order to maintain the unitary vibe throughout. The black-coated furniture items provide depth while the golden décor accessories bring in that extra glow and luminosity. The TV stand, the glass case and the wall plating are made of black-coated MDF and are brought together by the slatted wall. This decorative slatted wall seems to have become more and more present in the modern home design. While using such slatted wall option, the space becomes dynamic, full of personality and the actual piece de resistance in the room.

Besides the esthetically pleasing look of the glass case and the TV stand, we also intended to bring in functionality as well. Thus, the stand provides storage due to the damper-drawers that ensure silent closing. The LED stripes glass case is the perfect place to display and store the glassware.

The kitchen is separated from the living room by means of a glass door, which gives the impression of an open-space design. The lower cabinets are made of anthracite-grey coated MDF and provided with a Gola integrated hidden handle, while the countertop and the backsplash are made of compact laminate material. The metal-side drawers and the doors are accessorized by means of a damping system. The materials that we opted for and the Bosch brand household appliances, as well as the 45° joining elements, all turn this space into a modern and fully functional kitchen.


Saramob Design


Nicolae Mateas


Mihaela Vlad


Marius Venter

Guest bathroom

In full contrast with the rest of the daytime area, the guest bathroom is designed as a luminous, light-shaded space. The piece de resistance is the LED-stripe sanded mirror that is intended to visually enlarge this area. For the sink cabinet and countertop we used coated MDF materials, and on top of the sink vanity  we applied white-painted glass for protection.

Nighttime area – Custom-made furniture in Oradea City

This section of the apartment is intended for relaxing and resting. The colors we went for perfectly fit the bedroom and provide that feel of peace and quiet. Besides this soothing atmosphere favoring sleeping and resting, this nighttime area is designed as a generous storage space as well.

Interior hallway

This space connecting the daytime and the nighttime areas maintains a clean cut and an elegant look. The storage area is provided throughout the entire height of the room and is made of 2×22 mm ABS-canted laminate PAL material. The ABS-cant edge is applied on the sides of the PAL board in order to give that finished, uniform look. Further, the ABS-cant prevents moisture from entering inside the board and, therefore, provides a resilient, enduring surface. The cabinet is accessorized by means of vertical golden handles that are mounted on the lower part of the doors.

Master bedroom

For the master bedroom we maintained the exquisite atmosphere and the black-blue-gold combination. The upholstered headboard is accessorized by means of mirror stripes and golden lighting fixtures, which bring in the sophistication vibe. The nightstands and the makeup vanity are made of 45° joinery coated MDF on a golden metal leg. The handles on the drawers are created by means of a milling procedure in order to ensure easy use and to keep that esthetically pleasing vibe.

A rather particular element in this bedroom is the glass-door dressing room area. Besides the storage function, it is also esthetically pleasing since it is the element that highlights all the more the idea of sophistication and luxury in terms of design. The inside of the dressing room is made of single-color laminate PAL and is provided with shelves and damper drawers.

Guest bedroom

For the second bedroom, we went for neutral shades and golden accents. We maintained the sophistication vibe from the rest of the apartment, all the while ensuring that welcoming and warm atmosphere. The upholstered headboard bed is integrated by the two 45° joinery coated MDF bedside tables. The bedside table support system is made of a golden-coated metal structure, while the handle was milled so as to provide easy opening of the drawer. The coated MDF wardrobe, with a vertical golden handle, is compartmented by shelves and hanger stand.

Master bedroom

This is a sophisticated space where we combined various textures, colors and shapes.  For the sink vanity we used brushed metal veneered MDF boards, this being  a solid, durable, scratch-resilient material.  This kind of material brings in that extra glow due to its glossy, pearly texture. The metal boards in the shade AL06 Brushed from Kronospan, are manufactured on a MDF underlayer, on top of which we applied an aluminum sheet and a protection foil. The semicircle-shaped mirror is accessorized with a LED stripe which perfectly highlights the slatted MDF paneling.

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