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Residential furniture  M.A. House


In order to create this residential furniture, the Saramob team went for the lacquered NATURAL VENEERED MDF and stained veneered MDF (in black), thus beautifully highlighting the 45° angle cut wood, which totally turned this kitchen into a star. Since it is all about the details, the drawers were provided with BLUM LEGRABOX metal slim sides, BLUM BLUMOTION hinges, and also with BLUM AVENTOS front lifting opening systems.

The perfect combination between the acrylic elements, the mineral elements and the natural pigments that were used for the manufacture of the HI-MACS composite material, makes sure that this furniture meets the highest standards in terms of hygiene, thus offering multiple advantages as compared to similar materials.
Photographer Marius Venter perfectly captured how the NATURAL OAK wood shade and the white countertop harmoniously warm the dark shades.

Designer Marius Negrea went for an efficient and useful design in terms of this furniture so as to provide a long-lasting use, and the sink was made of HI-MACS thus being highly scratch and dull-resistant and extremely easy to clean.

A particular design element lies in the island area, where the countertop provides a joinery detail throughout all surfaces, while the support post was made of see-through glass and the place was veneered MDF-cut. The artistry of the designer Marius Negrea is also singled out by how all furniture elements beautifully compliment each other; in this island area, he went for a built-in wine cooler on the one side, while the jolly basket for oil bottles, vinegar and the spices, that was made of a LEGRABOX drawer and the strengthening sidebars, makes this custom-made residential furniture all the more purposeful.

The modern style of this kitchen is highlighted by the BLUM AVENTOS systems that we used for the door opening. The SERVO DRIVE system is also used for the cabinets, thus a simple touch of the cabinet front is enough to immediately open the door. Closing the doors is just as easy, and is carried out by means of an easily accessible switch on the cabinet side.


The bathroom is a rather special room for a home, which is why the bathroom furniture was designed to be as useful as possible; so, we went for a 12-mm composite material countertop that was intended to protect the vanity upper side.

The key elements in this bathroom are made of black-stained OAK VENEERED MDF, on 45° joinery details, and provided with elements ensuring fibre side continuation.
The sink vanity support posts are made of powder-coated iron, which ensures easy cleaning.

Picioarele ce sustin corpul de lavoar sunt realizate din fier vopsit in camp electrostatic, asigurand astfel o posibilitate de curatare usoara a acestuia.


In the master bathroom the details are always of high relevance, which is why all the materials in here are designed to last and made of stained OAK veneered MDF. The vanity support posts are made of powder-coated iron, while the sink countertop is a 12 mm HI-MACS composite white material.

Since this is a master bathroom, the two vanity areas are separated by an open shelfing area.


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