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For this residential project our Saramob designer, Teodora Nicolae, was focused on finding a balance between both function and esthetics, and her efforts led to this modern and luminous space.

Thus, with the intention to create a modern, spacious kitchen in mind, the Saramob designer combined the white-painted MDF with hidden GOLA profile handles of the same shade as the plinth on the lower side of the furniture item. For the countertop and the sink we went for HI-MACS LG composite material, which meets the highest standards in terms of esthetics, function and hygiene, due to the smooth, non-porous surface.

The kitchen island is also made of white-painted MDF, while for the countertop we went for the HI-MACS composite material that is continued by the dining area, which is placed on a central glass post.

In the living room, since we had to hide a support post, the designer thought of a storage space and in-built wine cooler furniture. The exterior is paneled by painted MDF in the shade of grey, with shiny particles.

The upper side of the furniture and the tilted basin in the bathroom are made of LG HI-MACS composite material, and the lower storage area is made of black-painted MDF.

In order to make the most of the hallway space, in the lower side the painted MDF cabinet  gradually takes the shape of the stairs, while in the upper side it perfectly blends with the cornice. The seating area is created as a sponge upholstered tufted item, while the hanger area is made of textured, painted 40 mm thick MDF.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae (designer Saramob)


Marius Venter

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