Residential furniture – “Modern house”

Custom-built furniture – Modern house

In order to finally have your own long-awaited home, the first step is to get a design project that perfectly fits the owner’s space and needs. This project was entirely executed by our team, starting off on the design that was created by our Saramob designer, Teodora Nicolae.

Thus, Teodora Nicolae went for simple, modern cuts throughout the entire place, while the colour palette she went for is predominantly on the white and black side. Nevertheless, in order to create a personal touch for each room, she added colour accents such as yellow, pink or blue.

Mudroom furniture

Although the mudroom is not very generous in terms of size, our designer created furniture items that are essential to every home, and which provide storage for shoes and clothes. The furniture was made of white-painted MDF, which she accessorized with black pull handles; for the slatted area, we used veneered MDF. For the mudroom lighting we went for hidden spot lights inside the black-painted decorative ceiling moulds; this detail truly provides a unitary overall picture.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae


Marius Venter

Open-space area. Living room and kitchen

The open-space area smoothly blends the living room, the dining area and the kitchen; the black and white palette is maintained here, except for the yellow chairs that the Saramob designer selected so as to inject a bit of energy and optimism into this space.

Delimitarea dintre living si zona de luat masa este facuta de suportul tv suspendat cu ajutorul unui sistem de prindere ascuns in scafa iluminata din tavan. Atat suportul tv din fasii verticale, cat si mobilierul de bucatarie si masa sunt realizate din MDF vopsit. Doar partile de mobilier cu textura de lemn sunt din MDF furniruit, iar blatul si chiuveta sunt din material compozit HI-MACS.

Kitchen bespoke furniture

The kitchen furniture maintains a clean and simple look and is accessorized by Legrabox Blum black drawers and Gola black handles. The Smeg built-in household appliances were the elegant solution accurately integrating a contemporary life, since they are one of the largest household appliances manufacturers in the world. An atypical choice was the island countertop built-in hood, which is provided with an under-countertop hiding system when not in use.

Bedroom furniture

Master bedroom furniture
For the master bedroom, our designer Teodora Nicolae decided to combine blue and gold shades. From the aesthetic perspective, blue brings in depth while the golden accessories bring in that extra glow and refinement. The floating nightstand is made white-painted MDF, while the bed is upholstered by a textile fabric. The cream-coloured upholstery was used also for the powder-coated golden metal leg bench.

Bathroom furniture

The master bathroom maintains the chromatic palette in the bedroom, except for the Tres brand accessories that are in black. The frame of the mirror has a painted metal black frame and the hidden drain sink is made of HI-MACS composite material.

Youth bedroom furniture

The most colourful room in the house is, obviously, the room of a teenage girl; here, the Saramob designer went for a colour playful and youthful combo. Although here we deal with two contrasting merry colours, the golden accessories that were used for the light fittings and the metal legs of the bed and night stand bring in that extra feel of elegance to the space. The milled and painted MDF panelled wall stands as a modern design element catching the eye and providing dynamics to the space. The bed upholstery is made of pink velvet, while the desk and the night stands are made of white-painted MDF.

Bathroom furniture

The Viadia brand mosaic in the bathroom is a combination of matte and glossy textures giving dynamics and youthful vibes to the space. For the sink vanity the designer went for clean cuts, but also created a rather generous storage area. For the sink vanity we chose HI-MACS materials, while for the furniture cabinetry we chose painted MDF.

Guest bathroom furniture

Our designer maintained, for this room as well, the black and white chromatic palette, but also added an accent wall that was created by using wood-textured tiles. The black metal accessories slightly suggest an industrial design feel and look, while the sink vanity that is made of white MDF and HI-MACS countertop perfectly blends into the modern style of the rest of the house.

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