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Custom-made furniture – Small kitchen furniture – Mudroom furniture

A small-sized apartment should never be seen as an impediment when it comes to designing a comfortable and welcoming space.  Decorating small-sized rooms requires efficient organizing capacities, light shades, mirrors and adequate lighting systems. All these elements create the illusion of a larger space.  Thus, the mudroom in this apartment was turned into a well-organized room providing generous storage spaces.  The grey-coated MDF furniture items are accessorized with Viefe golden handles while the showcase is made of wood-textured PAL.

Relying on thorough planning, a small kitchen will become a functional and welcoming space. The main aspects to consider while decorating a narrow, small kitchen are:

  • Furniture configuration must be designed so as to provide sufficient work space and storage spaces.  In this case, the two-sides placed furniture allows for movement space and each component is easily reached.
  • In order to turn the space into a more luminous and seemingly larger area, we will not crowd the kitchen with useless details and we will maintain a simple design line and light shading.
  • Thus, for this project we combined grey-coated MDF fronts with a heat-resistant wood-textured countertop and aluminum backsplash plinth.
  • The lighting fixtures and the light-reflecting materials are, also, amongst the elements that help consolidate the illusion of a larger area.  The LED strip  lighting clearly improves  the look of the furniture and increases visibility in the work area.
  • In a small kitchen apartment, placing the fridge in the mudroom is very common as a design choice.  In order to maintain a unitary and elegant style, choosing an integrated fridge is the ideal solution.


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae


Marius Venter

Custom-made furniture. Living room furniture. Makeup vanity corner

The living room is divided in a guest accommodating area and an area intended for  the vanity.  The mirror and the makeup vanity are made of wood-textured PAL and complete the shelf delimiting the two areas.  The Viefe handles and the golden metal insertions add extra glow and create a warm atmosphere.

The TV set must be integrated in the design, so with this intention in mind we placed it on a shelfing ensemble, with ambient light and golden metal elements.  All these details distract the eye from the black screen, thus the TV set becomes the perfect fit as a decoration item.

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