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Custom furniture Modern apartment

We are thrilled to introduce a project that was fully executed by the Saramob team, in terms of both interior design and furniture manufacture; the outcome truly met our highest expectations

For the refurbishment of this apartment, Teodora Nicolae, our Saramob designer, went for a combination of WHITE and light grey shade painted MDF, OAK VENEERED stained MDF in a natural shade in order to warm the rooms a little bit, HI-MACS composite material for all intensely used areas such as the kitchen countertop, the bar countertop  in the living room and the countertop of the dining area table, but also for the living room coffee table; all these are made of HI-MACS white 12 mm composite material. The HI-MACS composite material is an LG brand product and is a combination of acids, natural pigments and minerals forming a smooth non-porous surface ensuring a multitude of advantages as compared to other similar materials in use.

Living furniture

Since the apartment is located in an old apartment complex building, it required full refurbishment and we had to do the same also in the family room area, where we removed the balcony and replaced it with a bar area that is very often used for gatherings with friends or family. The bar was made of white painted MDF and provided with slatted-wall details that were made of stained, OAK, VENEERED MDF. The countertop was made of white HI-MACS composite material and provided with a ray detail throughout its entire profile.

The full attention is drawn to the TV area which is perfectly blended into the bar area. Here we hid the heat piping by means of slatted-wall finishes made of VENEERED MDF, and carried it further by white PAINTED MDF paneling and brass metal insertions. Since we are fully aware that storage is of the utmost relevance, we designed a drawer chest throughout the wall length.

Since the living room was designed as an open-space concept, we created a décor area which is also rather useful on the visible wall in the rest of the rooms. The floating chest is made of MDF material that was painted in the shade of the kitchen furniture and, thus, the two areas are perfectly connected. The 45° joinery details and also the milling details on the upper drawer fronts stand as added value to this furniture item.

Decorations: The Home
Zara Home
Flowers: Floraria Ardevis Oradea
Curtain and drapes: CasaNova
Sectional: Mobila Dalin
Lighting fixtures: Luminam – aplica centrala


Saramob Design


Teodora Nicolae (designer Saramob)


Marius Venter


We know just how important storage space is and we all want such space to be both as large as possible and  hidden���. This is why we created such storage space right in the mudroom, thus trying to avoid clustering this not so generous space.

The mirror could obviously not be left out from this ensemble, and so we tried to also design a creative area to highlight it.  The slatted wall is made of stained OAK veneered MDF. Further, there is this height-adjustable shelving and a hanger storage area; and last but not least, we hid the washing machine and the dryer in the “washer” area. Finally, we created this elegant, neat yet capacious space.

Lighting fixtures: ARNstore – pendant
Luminam –central ceiling lights
Parquet: Novambient

Kitchen + Dining room

For the kitchen area we went for WHITE +GREY painted MDF and for the countertop and backsplash we chose the thin 12 mm WHITE HI-MACS composite material.
Since our intention was to design a simple yet elegant look, we chose the GOLA hidden handle which was powder-coated in the furniture shades, for both the lower cabinets and the upper ones, and the fronts are of the dull-edge style so as to facilitate opening. Following the same simplicity yet full of details criteria, we placed a built-in cooking plate on the countertop space?

The oven area is extended by a hidden pantry which we closed by means of MILLED MDF door for the handle area and which was painted in the shades of the furniture. Inside this pantry we placed the refrigerator and some storage shelving.

Lighting fixtures: Luminam – aplica centrala
Curtain and drapes: CasaNova
Flowers: Floraria Ardevis Oradea
Lighting fixtures: Luminam – aplica centrala

The round table in the dining area is fully custom-made by us. The work countertop is made of white HI-MACS composite material and the legs are made of black powder-coated metal structure. In order to hide the heat piping which was far from esthetic, we went for the slatted-wall style which is also present in the living room area and the mudroom, and the paneling is made of OAK stained veneered MDF.
The chairs are custom-made by our partners at Gustav Hahn and they can be customed also in terms of shade, texture and model.

Wall decor: Mobexpert
Chairs: Gustav Hahn
Pastry products: Panemar
Lighting fixtures: Luminam – aplica centrala

Bathroom Furniture

For the bathroom we maintained the combination of wood texture and white, yet we slightly changed it as compared to the rest of the apartment areas. The anthracite grey provides a muchly needed contrast in the room and it, thus, creates a special intimacy feel. The storage cabinet is built-in the WC corbel and is made of MDF material which was painted in a shade as close as possible to the tile. The sink vanity is fully made of HI-MACS white composite material, and the basin is of the tilted bottom style, with a hidden drain. Due to the HI-MACS composite material flexibility, we were able to create a long-lasting sink vanity

The vanity door is made of MILLED MDF and follows the milling on the interior doors that were also custom-made by us. The door opening system is of the TIP-ON style, thus bringing both simplicity and elegance into the space.

Sanitary ware, floor tile, wall tile: Novambient
Decor: Zara home
Jysk: Jysk
Lighting fixtures: Ikea


For the nighttime area – the bedroom – we wanted the design to be simplistic, yet full of details. The bed here is made of textile upholstered materials and provided with a tiltable mattress which adds extra storage throughout the entire surface underneath. The headboard is continued by white and anthracite grey painted MDF with SLATTED accents.

The wardrobe is made of white PAINTED MDF and follows the same structure as the one in the mudroom. The white painted MDF and the OAK VENEERED MDF that we chose for the entire apartment perfectly connects all the spaces inside.
The make-up vanity is designed as a stained OAK VENEERED MDF narrow drawer on 45° joinery, which opens on the lower side. The mirror paneling blends in with the PAINTED MDF paneling in the TV area, thus creating that V-shaped joining detail.

Curtain and drapes: CasaNova
Decor: Zara Home
Lighting fixtures: ARNstore

The interior doors are made of PAINTED MDF paneled-wood with discreet milling accents on the entire surface. Their same-plane closing provides a specific touch and the hinges are concealed.

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