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The most innovating ideas evolve from simple challenges to completed projects.

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All our projects start off by a series of preliminary meetings which are intended to clearly understand your ideas and desires. The target of our Saramob experts is to apply you vision by combining esthetics with functionality into your customized furniture.

Furniture measurements

This time it is our turn to show up on your doorstep. In order to make sure that every millimeter in our blueprints strictly meets the actual premises, the project team will perform the on-site measurements so as to begin customized furniture manufacturing.

Project elaboration

Once we made sure we had fully understood your wishes, it is time to create the new design for your furniture. Thus, you will be invited again to Saramob’s office as soon as possible, for a pitch of the 3D design project. Should you require clarifications or if you have new ideas needing to be implemented since our last meeting, now is the time for you to let us know!

Furniture manufacturing

If we got this far, it means that your project is perfect on paper, so it is therefore time to focus on the practical aspects. Our specialists in the technical division will take over the project, breakdown it piece by piece and further forward it to the customized furniture manufacturing flow.

Furniture assembly

In the beginning you entered our office with nothing but an idea. Now, it is our turn to enter your door with your customized furniture. At this stage, Saramob will make sure that the furniture items perfectly integrate into the space of your choice.


Whether we talk about a 45-degree gradient or the dust resulting from the threading machine, we are fully aware that details make a difference. Once the project is successfully implemented, the last thing we want is for you to worry about bags of residues. Saramob will leave the room clean for you to fully enjoy your new customized furniture.

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The most innovating ideas evolve from challenges to successfully completed projects.

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