Penthouse Prima Residence

Residential furniture Penthouse in Oradea City

It is with great pleasure that we remember this superb project that we carried out with Eunice Pantea. This is an awesome penthouse in Prima Residence Oradea, which was also made public also by Ms. Adela Parvu on her personal blog.

The design, the shades and the concept implementation, all provided this project with superlative description notes, where each furniture element was given a particular touch.

“Ever since you enter the hallway, the atmosphere is beautifully shaped, while the space opening allows the light to fully invade the rooms. The MDF fret divider (made by Saramob Design Oradea) suggests a clear separation of functionality. The storage area is partially hidden in the living room and the furniture in here was entirely the work of the designer”- Adela Parvu

Since the owners fully and totally trusted Eunice Pantea as the design specialist, the outcome was as expected – premium residential furniture for this penthouse.

“The living room coffee table, as well as the TV stand were designed by the designer and manufactured by Saramob Design in Oradea.” – Adela Parvu

The materials the designer went for go from powder-coated MDF, hard wood, wood-textured laminated plywood to powder-coated metal structures.

“The kitchen furniture was custom-made by Saramob Design in Oradea. The clean, neat cut is provided by both the furniture lines and the absence of handles, and the use of high-quality materials. The countertop is provided with a built-in sink that was made of HI-MACS composite material”- Adela Parvu

Custom-made furniture Prima Residence


Saramob Design


Eunice Pantea

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